Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Determined

I am not the forsaken,
No am I the dammed.
I am the determined,
The dream catcher,
And I grasp hold of all opportunities.
I am the one that will walk among the gods
And leave my mark on the world.
I will do it with the assistance of others
And I will help to raise them to my level.
I will push back against the world
And I will be both the immovable object and the unstoppable force.
I will make this world my own
And I will reap, and share, it riches.
A good time for one, should be,
And will be,
A good time for all.
I will brush aside those who stand in my way
And stand for those that cannot stand for themselves.
Come with me.
Walk in my footstep, and learn how to forge your own path.
Make to most of what is being offered to you.
This world was not made for the lazy
But made for the courageous and brave.
Take a risk,
Take a chance,
But most of all, take control of your life.
The future is both mine,
And yours,
And it is calling.
Are you like me, and willing to answer it?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Have A Go Lad

Once again the hero of our story will not be appearing today.
They have decide to opted out,
Just like all of the biggest days in their life,
Which they conveniently missed.
Instead of fronting for the world
They have fled into solitude.
They are hiding away from the word
Unable to face the fact that from this point
Things will never be the same.
But don’t worry,
We have called for the replacement hero.
The unwitting, but always willing sidekick
Have a Go Lad.
He will fill the gap left by our “hero”.
He is not afraid of change,
Getting his hands dirty
Or finding the enjoyment in all of life’s adventures.
He will jump in and have a go,
And will help those who are also willing to try.
So three cheers for the man of the moment,
The one who will make a difference.
The one who is always going out and giving it a go.
As for the other guy,
Who cares!
Let’s just let him sit there and wallow in self pity
And blame the world for his inactions.
The world will soon forget him.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Whoever told you, life was fair
Was wrong.
It may be that all men were created equal
But man is just part of an increasingly inaccurate unequal universe
A universe that does not obey the petty rules of fairness,
Hand out prizes for second place
Or ensures that innocence is never perverted.
If it was fair then no one would starve
All would have a safe place to rest their weary heads
And no one would ever go without.
A fair life would not see people die of an incurable disease
Nor would we see evil make millions
On the tortured souls of the addicted
Or watch as hearts a burnt by one true flame.
We would all be rich
Live a life of luxury
And have the world at our feet.
Alas, this is not the case.
Yet the fact that the world is not fair is not the problem.
The problem is wishing
And whinging that things should be different.
It is the false belief
Which inhabits the minds of millions
That everyone should be treat the same
Regardless of their actions,
Or lack thereof.
A simple belief held tight by the lazy
And arrogant
That they should not have to lift a finger to help themselves
And that the attributes earned by others efforts should be shared with them.
There is a simple solution to an unfair world
Get over it!
Stop crying out for the unchanging world to bend to your demands
Stop sitting around waiting for someone else to do it for you
And stop wasting your time complaining about all that you lack.
Take action.
Stand on your own two feet and step towards your future.
Take the time to put in the effort and get the rewards.
Effort gets rewards
Success is not handed out to the line of want-to-be
Sitting in the dark bellowing that they want more for doing less,
Or championing the underdog who has never lifted a finger to help themselves.
It is earned through hard work and commitment.
It is the reward for getting out of bed on a cold morning to go to a job you hate
It’s for working all night to dispense assurance and safety to those that need it most
And for putting up with the idiots, the fools, and the abusive.
Those who realise that life is not fair and get on with it anyway,
They are the ones who will always have more
Do more
Go more places
And have a far better life.
They are the people that get the girl
And ride off into the sunset.
This life is meant for them.
This is not survival of the fittest
But survival of the most determined.
This is where those who strive make the difference
For those who have taken action
And used the unfair world to their advantaged.
Those who whinge, hope and complain
Will never succeed,
And on behalf of those that do put in the effort
I think that, is fair.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

They Broke into Your Heart

They broke into your heart
And spread it wide
Open wide
Across your soul.
In front of a worldwide audience
Of sycophants
And sociopaths
They treated you like road kill.
You bounced between objection, affection, intrigue and hate.
And addicted
To the onslaught.
Your desperation echoed through your eyes
As your respect fled you for the last time.
What they left behind,
Laying in pool of disgust, joy, shame, and exhilaration
Was to never again touch the world from which it had come.
Your life is to be served to feed the endless masses
That depend on your failures
Endless failures
To evoke their self-loathing self-satisfaction.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slave to Love

Please allow me to be emancipated from my heart.
It's a dark void inside my chest,
slowly rotting my soul,
and draining me of love.
In the darkness I can feel it dying,
taking with it my dreams.
Anger, hatered,
and despair
have replaced your love.
I would fight to save it
and shed it of it black and dying skin
but I have no fight left to give,
I gave it all fighting to hold on to you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Don't Believe Anymore

The grey clouds may shadow the bay
But they also have my heart wrapped up in them.
The cold wet rain beads on my skin,
And the wind rips away what is left of my soul.
The buildings in the heart of the city evaporate in to the clouds,
And a wet misery covers the entire landscape.
This is where I belong,
Here, alone,
Pouring my heart in to the cold a bitter ocean.
Where did things go so wrong?
I had my life planned out,
I had my dreams within reach,
I had a future.
If I had said yes, not no, then maybe things would have been different.
I would be in those buildings looking out at someone else standing here.
If only I had taken action,
If only I had looked before I leaped,
If only I hadn’t been afraid.
Don’t cry for me for I made my own choices,
Or lack of.
I am the misery of every failure that men have ever had.
The broken dreams and lost loves of the entire world,
I am the emptiness of a universe gone wrong,
And the worse thing is, I chose to be here.
If I disappear here today, no one would even notice
Little lone care.
I have fallen of the face of the earth as far as friends and family are concerned.
I probably don’t even rate a thought in the greatest love of my life.
But I suppose every stone sinks out of sight in the deep vast ocean
The term waste, wouldn’t even come close to describing my life.
I could change,
I could make things better,
And I could have a life worth living again.
But what if I fail,
I couldn’t stand the pain to have to come back here again.
So why bother trying?
Here is where I am going to stay.
Shake your head and walk away,
Just like everyone else that has ever walked past me
This is my life,
It may not be much, but it is what I have
And maybe you can use it,
As a reminder of what you have to loose
And why you should always keep on trying.