Saturday, July 31, 2010

All in One Day

Part One

I am lost,
The wind sucked out from under my wings,
And my vision strained and blurred.
I had planned everything.
I had my goals,
My desires,
My dreams,
But I no longer know if I can find them again.
I have tried,
Tried to move forward ,
And to achieve all that I wanted
But I did not expect this.
Constant disappointment.
Constant struggle.
And constant failure.
I could hang my head and cry
But I’d probably fail at that as well.

Part Two

Even now when I can sink no lower,
The only thing that I have left is my eternal optimism.
The very thing that has got me through the dark places of my life
And my soul.
I may not have landed on my feet,
But I will stand again,
Walk tall,
And move forward again.
I will not give those who want to see me fail their satisfaction.
I will prove you wrong.
I can learn from my mistakes
And I am never afraid to take action.
My time will come,
Even if I have to drag it up from Hell myself.
Do not under estimate me,
I may be down
But I never, never out.

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