Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Out of The Flying Pan

Forever started last night,
And where were you?
Still lost in a day dream,
Still fighting pirates in you green pyjamas,
Still trying to fight the years and stay where you are.
Well fuck the fairy dust.
The clock has started ticking
And no croc of lies will stop it this time.
I hoped that you would see the errors of your ways,
Watch the stars fade in your eyes
And let reality steer you right,
But I can see now that you will always be a child.
Just another lost boy
And you will never never escape from your hiding place.
Boyhood fantasies do not move your forward,
Nor do they allow you to achieve a life worth living,
And I have no more time to waste in your world.
I will, however, keep thinking my happy thoughts
but I will put them to a practical use.

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