Monday, August 16, 2010

But You're Not Hurting

But I can still see you,
Laughing to some bodies else’s jokes,
Touching their hand,
And looking into their eyes.
I cannot forget the life we had together.
You told me You Loved Me,
And I believed you.
I stood there with my heart in my hands,
My whole world,
And my soul,
Totally exposed to you,
And I believed you,
And I believed your love would be forever.
I didn’t know that it would be fleeting,
And retractable.
I didn’t know that you gave love easily.
I would have guarded my heart,
Built walls it to protect it from your love’s attack,
And defended myself from your affection.
Who am I kidding?
Even with all the knowledge in the world about whom you were
I still would have given over my heart and soul freely,
Just like I did.
And even though my heart lies broken and bleeding,
Ripped clean in two upon the ground,
I still long for you,
I still love you.
Maybe our yesterdays are over,
But there is still tomorrow,
And for all of your failings,
And mine,
I still want you back,
And one day I will achieve my dream.
I will hold you again in my arms,
I will be the most important person in your life,
And I will never again let you go.

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