Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Future Denied

But what about me?
Why must I be the one standing in the rain?
What makes you see more in him,
Than me?
We would talk for hours,
We would laugh and cry together,
And we shared dreams of our future.
But you just couldn’t see that future with me.
I was everything you wanted me to be,
But I wasn’t enough.
I would have loved you till the end of time.
I would have fought for your honour,
Protected you from harm,
Died for you.
I would have moved the world for you,
If you would have let me.
How can two people stare into each other eyes,
And see completely different things?
I know that we moved in different circles,
And I even now,
After all this time,
That I am probably still two steps behind you.
But I thought that we could use each other strengths to grow
I am sorry you saw me as a weakness,
And my love, which still lingers, as pathetic.
I just wanted to be your man,
But you only ever looked at me as child,
Immature, unintelligent and incapable.
But tell me,
Why are my flaws, the qualities you love in some one new?
I walk like he walks,
I talk like he talks,
And I know I love you more than he does.
But does it matter?
In the end there is nothing I can do.
I had you in my life,
And I know that there were moments that you enjoyed,
And I hope you look back on them and smile.
I know that there were times I touched you,
And I know that there were times when we both felt we were alone in the world,
I will never get you back,
And what we did have is gone forever.
But just remember
I could have been your everything.
I could have been the one holding you
And loving you.
They could have been our children.
I just wish I could have pleased you,
And that you could have seen the man that I really am.

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