Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Shattered Shards

I have a vision,

A huge glass heart suspended in the air,

And me with a sledge hammer.

I can see the shattered shards spray across the floor.

And I dissolve into nothing.

Within my soul I have a dark place to harbour these images.

A place I hide

And embrace my pain.

There is a single chair standing in the corner,

Waiting for the only one that can occupy it.

I can retreat to this sanctuary when the world grows too much.

I can escape from reality and dream of the one upon the chair.

How they use to look at me

And how I was the most important person in their life,

Like they still are in mine.

Sometime I could lock myself in this room,

Alone with my dream,

And never face the world again.

It would be easier,

And even more rewarding,

But I must go on.

There is a chance that I can exchange the dream for the real thing,

Or find a suitable replacement,

And build a new room with a new chair.

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