Sunday, August 15, 2010


I can see you silhouetted against the lights of the city,
Stretching out like a field of lights behind you.
The stark blackness of the ocean brings about an abrupt cessation of the glory.
The jagged edge is like a tear across the illuminated landscape,
As if it has been ripped away by an angry god,
But I can still see you.
I can hear your laughter,
Over the hue and cry of the city
Far below.
The slight chill in the air betrays the summer night,
As if a forewarning of the yet still distant winter,
But it brings you to my arms.
Soft, warm and embracing,
You touch is electrifying on my skin
And I am once again holding heaven in my arms.
This world in all of its glory could stop right here, right now,
Suffer a permanent existence failure,
And we would be oblivious to it.
Within your arms is the only world I need,
The only world I will ever need.
But still, here looking out upon the world below,
So beautiful,
So fragile,
We could be gods.
Perched upon Olympus high,
We could command,
And condemn.
With a sweep of my hand,
I could brush away all in front of me,
And upon the potter’s wheel
Create a whole new world,
With you at the very heart of it all.
Yet we are just mere mortals,
Destine to walk this earth,
Never to touch the face of god.
However, at least I have an angel to walk with
And we walk this world together.
I would give this world to you,
If I were but a god,
To always be with you.
But as a man I will give you the nearest thing to a world,
I will give you my life,
And my heart,
To spend the rest of my life with you and this view,
And to always have that look in your eyes.

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