Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Undiscovered Country (with thanks to Bill -The Bard)

A step to the right,
Or a swing to the left
In the long run it doesn’t matter.
A path,
An option,
A choice,
Has to be made.
I cannot stand here forever wondering where to go,
Wondering which way is right
Or which is wrong.
I have to decide.
In either direction there are pitfalls and traps
And I know I will stumble on either path.
I will trip,
And I will fall,
But I will always get up again,
And I will learn.
However, I am scared.
Here in my hovel I feel safe,
I know my surroundings so well that there is nothing new to find
Nothing new to surprise me
Or excite me.
I could stay here.
It would be easier,
But I do not want to live a life of “if only”
And deep down I know that the safety and security offered here is only fleeting.
So a path to be decided on
And decided on now,
But whichever way I go,
I know I will survive and come out the other end better for it.

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