Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A World Away

London is so far away.I never thought that you would end up there.
Never thought that you would leave
I always look for the forecast,
My way of pretending that I understand what you are going through,
What you are doing,
And who you are doing it with.
I thought we were a pair,
I thought that we had a future,
But your future didn’t include me.
Whereas mine was only had you,
And you needed more than just me
Or what this place had to offer.
I could not leave,
I tried,
God knows I tried so hard to follow you,
To stand by your side.
Hell, I would have stood in you shadow if it meant being close to you.
But I was not ready.
You grew quicker than I,
You needed to spread your wings,
You needed to see the world,
Where the only world I saw was you.
There are nights,
Nearly every night,
Long, dark, cold,
And lonely,
Where I can feel your breath on my skin,
You arms around me,
And you heart beating against mine.
And then I feel the distance,
That you have put between us,
And the years of being apart,
That has yet to erode my love for you
And never will.
How can I forget you when you still carry my dreams?
All I ever had left with you,
And what remained were only memories,
And I hold them tight,
For without them I am truly alone.
I can only hope that one day you will come back,
Come back and rescue me,
Save me,
And take me away with you.
But I fear that you may have out grown me,
I know you have seen so much,
Done great things,
And explored all our dreams
And I know you have grown more than I ever could.
I was a child when you left,
And though the years may have passed,
Little wisdom has passed my way.
Though I do know this much,
Change is now upon me
And this town has grown small,
And soon I may be forced to leave.
I will come and find you,
I will look for you,
Call your name.
And I will not stop till I am with you.
For I need you,
I always have,
I just hope that you still need me.
And when I will find you at the top of the world
We will never be alone again.

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