Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And Here She Comes

And here she comes,
The only one that ever held my heart,
The only one that ever saw behind my false facade.
You were Yesterdays Girl
And you’re still Miss Tomorrow.
You beauty is like being swept away in a river,
Of perfect music.
You mere presences casts warmth upon my soul,
And I can feel you,
Even from across the room.
Your touch was electric
And would make me quiver.
You were the girl of my dreams,
And you Always made me smile.
You are The Flame.
My memories of you are untainted,
And if I could hold you now,
I would sweep you away into the heavens,
In your white dress,
Golden sunlight
And flowers in your hair.
I still dream,
Of you,
Of us,
And what we could,
Should have been.
The Hollywood ending could have been ours,
Ridden off into the sunset,
Let the music fade out
And Happily Ever After. 

Mind you,
There is still time.

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