Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today is just like any other day.
A day where I will sit dreaming of what I could be,
A day where I will develop my ability to be more,
A day where I will again compare myself to you.
I just don’t understand,
I have tried,
I have worked,
Planned and schemed,
And fought through all of the shit,
Only to crawl out the other side
Battered and bruised,
And no better off.
You, however,
You have the world at your feet.
Your Midas touch has turned your world to gold.
You haven’t had to wade the crap,
Sell your honour,
Sell you pride,
And your soul,
Just to hope that you will see another sunrise.
 Well I will tell you now,
My day is coming
And just like you,
I will walk in the sun,
And drink wine from the same cup.
And while it has been a struggle,
I am glad for every moment.
I will carry my battle wounds with pride
And hold my head up high.
I have lied,
I have stole,
And I have conducted the unspeakable sins of the world,
But I now have a better understanding of how the human heart works.
So when I come to stand beside you be prepared,
I will not have all the airs and graces that you postulate.
I will speak my mind,
And unlike you,
I will be my true self.
So continue to enjoy your little fucken fairy land while you can,
Because I am coming,
I will make my dreams a reality,
I will hone my abilities,
And I will bring with me all the horrors of reality that you have been ignoring.
Your day is the Sun is over
It’s my time to shine.

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