Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Your Stepping Stone

Why did you come back?
You have the world at you feet,
So why do you want to bring mine to its knees?
When you left I had freedom,
I could breathe once again,
And I did not have your oppressive love on my shoulders.
Without you I could just be me,
No hoops to jump through,
No bourdons to carry,
No walking on broken glass.
I know you used me,
And that I was just your stepping stone,
And I really didn’t care,
I can’t do it again
I will not surrender my life to you this time,
No matter how wonderful your touch feels,
Or how my heart breaks looking into your eyes.
I know you haven’t come back because you love me,
I am just the comfort for which you crave when you become scared.
So please leave me,
I know this may not be the world stage that you walk upon
But it is my oyster
And it’s all I need.

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