Sunday, March 20, 2011

Don't Believe Anymore

The grey clouds may shadow the bay
But they also have my heart wrapped up in them.
The cold wet rain beads on my skin,
And the wind rips away what is left of my soul.
The buildings in the heart of the city evaporate in to the clouds,
And a wet misery covers the entire landscape.
This is where I belong,
Here, alone,
Pouring my heart in to the cold a bitter ocean.
Where did things go so wrong?
I had my life planned out,
I had my dreams within reach,
I had a future.
If I had said yes, not no, then maybe things would have been different.
I would be in those buildings looking out at someone else standing here.
If only I had taken action,
If only I had looked before I leaped,
If only I hadn’t been afraid.
Don’t cry for me for I made my own choices,
Or lack of.
I am the misery of every failure that men have ever had.
The broken dreams and lost loves of the entire world,
I am the emptiness of a universe gone wrong,
And the worse thing is, I chose to be here.
If I disappear here today, no one would even notice
Little lone care.
I have fallen of the face of the earth as far as friends and family are concerned.
I probably don’t even rate a thought in the greatest love of my life.
But I suppose every stone sinks out of sight in the deep vast ocean
The term waste, wouldn’t even come close to describing my life.
I could change,
I could make things better,
And I could have a life worth living again.
But what if I fail,
I couldn’t stand the pain to have to come back here again.
So why bother trying?
Here is where I am going to stay.
Shake your head and walk away,
Just like everyone else that has ever walked past me
This is my life,
It may not be much, but it is what I have
And maybe you can use it,
As a reminder of what you have to loose
And why you should always keep on trying.

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