Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Whoever told you, life was fair
Was wrong.
It may be that all men were created equal
But man is just part of an increasingly inaccurate unequal universe
A universe that does not obey the petty rules of fairness,
Hand out prizes for second place
Or ensures that innocence is never perverted.
If it was fair then no one would starve
All would have a safe place to rest their weary heads
And no one would ever go without.
A fair life would not see people die of an incurable disease
Nor would we see evil make millions
On the tortured souls of the addicted
Or watch as hearts a burnt by one true flame.
We would all be rich
Live a life of luxury
And have the world at our feet.
Alas, this is not the case.
Yet the fact that the world is not fair is not the problem.
The problem is wishing
And whinging that things should be different.
It is the false belief
Which inhabits the minds of millions
That everyone should be treat the same
Regardless of their actions,
Or lack thereof.
A simple belief held tight by the lazy
And arrogant
That they should not have to lift a finger to help themselves
And that the attributes earned by others efforts should be shared with them.
There is a simple solution to an unfair world
Get over it!
Stop crying out for the unchanging world to bend to your demands
Stop sitting around waiting for someone else to do it for you
And stop wasting your time complaining about all that you lack.
Take action.
Stand on your own two feet and step towards your future.
Take the time to put in the effort and get the rewards.
Effort gets rewards
Success is not handed out to the line of want-to-be
Sitting in the dark bellowing that they want more for doing less,
Or championing the underdog who has never lifted a finger to help themselves.
It is earned through hard work and commitment.
It is the reward for getting out of bed on a cold morning to go to a job you hate
It’s for working all night to dispense assurance and safety to those that need it most
And for putting up with the idiots, the fools, and the abusive.
Those who realise that life is not fair and get on with it anyway,
They are the ones who will always have more
Do more
Go more places
And have a far better life.
They are the people that get the girl
And ride off into the sunset.
This life is meant for them.
This is not survival of the fittest
But survival of the most determined.
This is where those who strive make the difference
For those who have taken action
And used the unfair world to their advantaged.
Those who whinge, hope and complain
Will never succeed,
And on behalf of those that do put in the effort
I think that, is fair.

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