Saturday, May 31, 2014

Have A Go Lad

Once again the hero of our story will not be appearing today.
They have decide to opted out,
Just like all of the biggest days in their life,
Which they conveniently missed.
Instead of fronting for the world
They have fled into solitude.
They are hiding away from the word
Unable to face the fact that from this point
Things will never be the same.
But don’t worry,
We have called for the replacement hero.
The unwitting, but always willing sidekick
Have a Go Lad.
He will fill the gap left by our “hero”.
He is not afraid of change,
Getting his hands dirty
Or finding the enjoyment in all of life’s adventures.
He will jump in and have a go,
And will help those who are also willing to try.
So three cheers for the man of the moment,
The one who will make a difference.
The one who is always going out and giving it a go.
As for the other guy,
Who cares!
Let’s just let him sit there and wallow in self pity
And blame the world for his inactions.
The world will soon forget him.

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